Thank you for your interest in The Hub on 6th condominium development! 

If you click on this link for  HUB on 6th, it will link to our e-booklet with some more information and renderings of the condos at the HUB.  The left and right arrow keys will scroll through the pages.  

The development is progressing quickly (roof/windows are in) and we are at a point that we can tour the units with you (after hours as construction is in progress).  It is a work in progress, so you will need to have a little imagination with regard to the finished units.  As mentioned, there are a total of 18 condos available and we are providing parties who have expressed interest the opportunity to tour and secure a unit if they choose.

Review the brochure and let us know when you would like to tour the condos (provide a few days/times that work, it needs to be after 4:30 pm or weekends due to construction)! You can reach as at 608.782.8326 (TEAM) or email us at

Thank you again for your interest in this exciting downtown condo development!